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New Material Options in Printing

What if you could save your printed piece from tearing or water damage without the expense of laminating?

The answer could be synthetic papers. Synthetic papers have seen an increase in popularity in the last few years as their benefits have been discovered by many printers and designers. Synthetics are being used on more and more packaging applications as well.

synthetic paper.jpeg

Synthetic paper has the strength and durability of plastic and the appearance and printability of paper. This unique combination offers opportunities in thousands of applications. Often projects involving outdoor signage, menus, product labels, packaging, maps, ID cards, POP displays, etc. have needed the extra protection of lamination. This can be an expensive option. Synthetics offer the same durability with water, tear and stain resistance, as lamination, but at a lower cost.

The synthetics can be printed on offset presses, dry toner/laser machines, or HP Indigo equipment. It offers a smooth printable surface that scores and folds nicely. This paper is being offered in a wide range of thicknesses and sheet sizes.

Most synthetic papers are made from polypropylene and/or polyethylene resin which are environmentally friendly. The synthetic paper made from these resins are 100% recyclable.

It looks like synthetic paper has found a niche while offering a cost effective alternative to lamination. Why not try synthetic paper on your next project?

Nate Schorr