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Benefits of Union Print Shop


Because the employees of Wells Print & Digital Services are represented by a labor union, the company fits the distinction of a “union print shop.” The official union accreditation by the Allied Printing Trades Council allows printed pieces from Wells to be labeled with a “union bug” notifying others that the products was manufactured with responsible labor management. At Wells, however, the importance of the union runs much deeper than any outside certification or marketing technique.

Chris Vinson, the Operations Manager at Wells Print & Digital Services feels that the union representation of his employees promotes a much more efficient and productive working environment. Speaking at a small business leadership panel discussion, Vinson stated, “I get to manage people with respect, not out of fear. A lot of that is because of the union – they know they have a voice – they can approach me without fear of reprisal.” This open environment of communication and feedback allows the company to continually streamline their processes, resulting in high quality products, low costs, and efficient turnaround on projects.

There a plenty of reasons why someone might choose to go with a union print shop for their printed products. Some may choose one in solidarity with their labor community, while others may choose it to distinguish themselves as a socially conscious and aware purchaser. Whatever your reasoning, we here at Wells will continue to work in conjunction with the labor union because we believe that it provides us with valuable insight, a friendly atmosphere, and an ultimately a better product at a competitive price.

Nate Schorr