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The pre-press department at Wells Print and Digital Services offers you more than you will find elsewhere. Whether your file is Mac or PC, our proven professionals are constantly on the lookout for things that could go wrong, oftentimes fixing problems that you (the customer) didn’t even know were there.

Digital Compositions

Wells Print and Digital Services’ full-service pre-press department is among the best in the business. Our seasoned professionals have been working with electronic files since 1982. Their equipment is state-of-the-art and they know how best to use it to produce the highest quality output. Whether it’s scanning, composition, file manipulation or a simple output, your project will have a finished look that just can’t be beat.

File Preparation

Despite the prevalence of desktop publishing programs, constant upgrades and improvements make it hard to keep up. When you work with the pre-press department at Wells Print and Digital Services, you get more than an output service. You get a group of dedicated individuals, willing to work with you to help you through the ever-changing world of desktop publishing. Our pre-press department has made a practice of communicating with the client. When a better way is found, they pass that information on to the client, which ultimately helps keep costs down.


Wells Print and Digital Services has a long-standing tradition of excellence. Since 1922, we have been meeting the printing needs of the Madison area. Our production staff is extremely diverse, yet the best at what they do. Wells Print and Digital Services has developed a team of professionals that hold tight to the quality and attention to detail of traditional printing, yet embrace new technology with excitement and enthusiasm.

Offset Printing

From one color to full color; from envelopes to business cards to posters; from brochures to books. Our Offset Printing services provide the capability to handle all of your needs.Our largest offset press will handle a sheet size of 20″ X 26″, which gives us the versatility to offer many printing options. We can print multiple colors at one time and even both sides of the sheet at one time. The key here is that we have many ways to save you both time and money.

Digital Printing

One of the newest additions to the Wells equipment line is a Canon imagePress C6000VP. This digital press has a wide array of variable printing capabilities. Specific customer information and mailing addresses can be merged onto collateral such as letters and postcards. This provides an inexpensive, quick turnaround for short-run mailing projects.

Wide Format Printing

Wells now offers wide format printing with its new Mutoh ValueJet press. It has the capability of printing in four color process on a wide array of materials including vinyl, billboard, mesh, canvas, and media with adhesive backings. The Mutoh is able to print large format banners, signs, window clings, and magnets

Letterpress Printing

Our Letterpress capabilities give us even more versatility. The Letterpress allows us to do a variety of tasks that most printers have to send out for. We can print on very small or unusually shaped pieces. We can also do our own die cutting, numbering, scoring and even perforating. With most printers the Letterpress is a lost art. With Wells Print and Digital Services, it’s second nature!


Wells Print and Digital Services has a complete bindery department. Whether you need books assembled, brochures folded, padding, drilling or virtually any bindery operation, we can do it! Our bindery personnel are all very good at what they do.Their efficiency and versatility make for a great end product. They are the best at putting the finishing touch on your project.

Finishing Services:

  • Hand AssemblyStitching

  • Folding

  • Inserting Perfect Binding

  • Die Cutting

  • Index Tabs

  • Cutting

  • Eyeletting & Gromets

  • Wire-O Binding

  • Plastic Coil Binding

  • Padding

  • Punching & Drilling

  • Packaging/Shrink Wrapping


Our mailing department has the experience and knowledge to help with all your fulfillment needs. Our mailing professionals work hard to keep up with the constant changes in the postal regulations. This allows us to keep your postage cost to a minimum. Our job is to ensure that your mail is delivered in a cost-effective, timely manner.

CASS Certification

Our consultants use CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) software that is certified by the United States Postal Service. In addition to adding zip + 4 and Carrier Route information to your list, our software will standardize the delivery address to an USPS approved format. This is done by comparing your database with the “current” USPS National database. WPDS receives an updated database from the USPS every 2 months.

Why should I get my list CASS Certified?

CASS Certified addresses are guaranteed deliverable, so your mail will get to its destination. The USPS requires certification in order to take advantage of certain discounts like barcoding and Carrier Routing. These discounts could be as much as 9 cents for first – class and 11 cents for standard (Formerly 3rd class) mail.

Database Management

As part of our complete mailing service, Wells Print and Digital Services can manipulate your data so that you mail only to the people you want to.

Duplicate detection and removal

We can identify duplicates by address, name, or company depending on your criteria. Once identified, you have the option of receiving a printout of the duplicates. This can be a valuable tool to clean up your database, and allow you to only send one piece of mail to an address.

Assign Congressional District numbers

For political mailings, we can assign the Congressional District numbers to your database. This allows you to mail only to those people in the districts you are targeting.

Specific Criteria Set by the customer

You may target your mailing to whomever you want depending on your specifications. This can range from limiting a mailing to a specific city, certain zip codes, or based on any information contained in your database. At Wells Print & Digital Services, your list is kept strictly confidential, so there are no worries that your database could be used by any one else. Wells Print & Digital Services will house the list from your most current mailing with us at no charge. This can serve as an offsite backup of your valuable database.

Supported Database Programs

  • Microsoft Access

  • Paradox

  • Lotus 1-2-3

  • Quatro Pro

  • Microsoft Excel

  • Microsoft Word

  • WordPerfect

  • Database Programs using:

    • D base

    • Delimited (e.g. comma, tab)

    • ASCII

    • Fixed length fields (e.g. Lotus print image)

    • Disk File Label image