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Track the Impact of Your Printing

The ability to analyze the reach of your marketing efforts is becoming a necessity for businesses and organizations across all industries. The “who, what, where, when, why, and how” given to us by market research can give us vital information about our audience and how to more effectively reach them in the future. As internet usage continues to increase, the more we will see these marketing research techniques shift towards web-analytics and other web-based information.


At first thought, it might seem as though the printing industry would take a hit as customers move towards methods with more traceability. It is believed, however, that if print marketing is willing to evolve, it could see a steady increase as these technologies develop and become more readily available. Integrating traditional printing with cutting edge analytics will prove to be an incredibly effective marketing technique.

One example of this is using customized shortened URLs for a direct mail piece. By using a customer URL for a specific direct mail campaign, you can easily track how many customers you brought to your site through that campaign. Using these shortened URLs with web-analytics software (like Google Analytics), you can even narrow down a concrete return on investment (ROI) for your printed materials.

As these technologies continue to develop, the printing industry will continue to thrive as a valuable marketing tool, so long as it is willing to adapt. By effectively combining digital technology with print technology, you can help reach the perfect blend of “mixed marketing” that leads to an enormous ROI and increased reach.

Nate Schorr